Points to observe in Aikido's Techniques   
Traslate from "Aikid˘ - Manual TÚcnico" book published by Prof. Wagner BŘll
     (only in spanish version)

> Our cuban friends of San Antonio de los Ba˝os, La Habana, Cuba.

> Our australian friends of Shudokan Dojo, Melbourne.

> Special Classes in the Inst. Priv. Argentino JaponÚs Nichia Gakuin

> Annual Party of the Sports - Epuyen - Chubut State

> Shimbu-kan Argentina at Carmen Arriola de Marin School

> Shimbu-kan Argentina in the Third American Gathering of Facilitators (TELF) -San Carlos de Bariloche - Arg.

> Book: "AIKIDO O CAMINHO DA SABEDORIA" ( the way of knowledge )  writen by Wagner BŘll Sensei - 6║ Dan          (only in spanish and portuguese version)

> Shimbu-kan Argentina in the Third Meeting of Martial Arts in S.C. de Bariloche

> Aikido Demostration at Japanese Garden of Buenos Aires City - May 30th.,  2004

> SUMMER CAMP 2004 -   40║ Aniversary New York Aikikai

     Traslate by Prof. Ricardo Lopez from Aikid˘-Manual TÚcnico,  book published by Prof. Wagner BŘll
 ( only in spanish version )

Talking with Wagner BŘll Sensei ( only in spanish version )

> VISITING OTHER DOJOS  by Ricardo Lopez Sensei

> DOJO'S ENCOUNTER At Aiki Dojo Bariloche - Osorno ( Chile ) - Bariloche ( Arg. ) July 25th. and 26th., 2008

> Luciano Van Den Broeck Sensei visits the Olivos Dojo - February 22nd., 2010

> Nabuyoshi Tamura Sensei8th. Dan Aikikai, Shihan, Direct Student of O Sensei, passed away on July 9th., 2010

> Yoshimitsu Yamada Sensei8th. Dan Aikikai, Shihan, Memory of his friend Tamura Shihan

> Seichi Sugano Sensei8th. Dan Aikikai, Shihan, Direct Student of O Sensei, passed away on August 29th, 2010

>Visit of friends from Brazil - Special Class at Shimbukan Argentina Olivos Dojo - November 18th., 2010

>AIKIDO DEMONSTRATION - AndrÚs Zoldi, at Houston Houston Japanese Festival - April 9th., 2011


>JosÚ S. Guajardo Sensei passed away - April 27th., 2014

>June 5th., 2015Kazuo Chiba Sensei passed away - June 5th., 2015

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