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Shimbu-kan Argentina
Olivos Dojo

1735 San Martin Ave. - Vicente López
( 200 meters of Maipu Ave. )

Olivos Dojo

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This Dojo has been spreading Aikido in the northern area of great Buenos Aires, Argentina, for more than 20 years. 
From November 1st.,  2003,  it works in their own building, also Headquarters of Shimbukan Argentina. 
It has an excellent location, with easy access, and a large comfortable space well suited for development and learning.
Ricardo Lopez Sensei, currently 6th Dan,
Hombu Dojo, Japan, in charge of this Dojo and Director of Shimbukan Argentina, of recognized merits local and abroad,  helps nurture an outstanding group of practitioners who develop a high degree of proficiency and understanding of the art. 
Sensei Lopez shares his knowledge, and insights into Aikido’s basics; the circular movements, objectives, philosophy, and also, of course, it’s tremendous effectiveness in self defense. However, self defense takes on secondary importance to Aikido’s true goal of internal development, and harmony with the Universe. Practice also includes training in traditional weapons ( jo, boken, tanto ), in special classes dedicated to these forms

With special attention we are giving also classes for childrens.


This dojo is located  near to the neighborhoods of Saavedra, Nuñez and Belgrano ( Capital Federal ) and districts of Florida, Munro, Vicente López, Olivos, Villa Adelina, La Lucila, Martinez, San Isidro, Acassuso, Beccar and Boulogne ( North Area of Great Buenos Aires ). 

Bus lines: 19 - 21 - 38 - 59 - 60 - 71 - 130 - 152 - 161 - 184 - 203 - 314 - 365 - 792

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